Meet your editor.

Mitchell Bogatz has edited hundreds of manuscripts in his life. He has written fiction himself, so he understands the drive to make a manuscript as good as it can be. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a major in writing and is in good standing with the Writer's Guild of America, West. 

What is included?

Mitchell offers a full edit. This includes: 

  • Typos
  • Mixed pronouns
  • Grammar
  • Story progression
  • Dialogue devices
  • Character expansion


"Mitchell completed a manuscript edit for me recently. I learned a great deal about writing from his edits and comments. His comments were thoughtful, thorough, and clear, and his suggestions enabled me to achieve a better flow and clarity in my writing."

– Marguerite Borchers 

"Mitchell and I have worked on multiple projects together. He's a phenomenal editor. He's fast, thorough, easy to work with, and he gives wonderful feedback. He improved the flow of my writing and helped me to bring my characters to life. He is truly an expert storyteller."

 – Heather Hernandez 

"I have been very pleased with Mitchell as our editor. He is very communicative and keeps you posted on every development.  He is very detailed and his insightful opinions of the work have made us see the material in a different way. It has been nice having a fresh new pair of eyes on the material. As writers we dig deep into the abyss of our memories and experiences to write something that will maybe be relevant to the masses. In doing so sometimes the work may suffer and the protagonist will lose the way to His or Her intermediate goals. Mitchell's suggestions make us revisit the chapters and strengthen parts of the work that may be soft or unfocused.

In the past we have tried to have our literary friends review and edit the material...Don't ask friends or colleagues to do something that they don't have the time yourself the trouble, don't let friends edit you work, hire someone. Get an unbiased opinion and one that will matter and get your work ready for a publisher. Your intellectual property is the foundation for your business and it needs to be strong and polished. I  highly recommend Mr. Bogatz as your editor. He is worth the money!"  

 – Boxcar Joe / Frances Coker

"I met Michell Bogatz in a writing group and looked forward to his comments at each meeting, because he's always so insightful. When it was time to get to work on my next novel, Mitchell was the only one I considered hiring to assist me. I got the bones of my story set down, then spent time with Mitchell to flesh out the subtle nuances of what would make my story great. The ideas were flying back and forth and each led to another. It was a really helpful meeting. I was able to put together a fairly detailed outline, but I found I was stuck on a couple of key areas. 

I sat down with Mitchell again and his insightful suggestions were perfect. I couldn't wait to get back to my writing. I can't imagine not using him to help with each stage of getting my novel ready for publication. I've worked with several editors over the years but none are as good as Mitchell. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wishes to write their best story."

–Kara Oh


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive upon completion?

The process is very simple. You send in your manuscript as a “.doc” or “.docx” file, and you get back your same file corrected and edited with suggestions and notes throughout, complete with progression notes at the end of every chapter. The process is completely unobtrusive. Even with obvious mistakes such as misspellings, Mitchell displays all changes in red using the track-changes feature - that way, you don't have to go back and forth between various versions to see what's changed.

What is the average turn around time?

Ten days for a manuscript of 60-80k and fourteen days for a manuscript of 80-100k. For other lengths, contact Mitchell for an estimated time-frame.

What does it cost?

Prices for a novel typically range from $1,500-$1,900. Their cost depends on a variety of factors such as word count and prose complexity. Upon receiving your sample, Mitchell can provide an exact quote. If the project is harder than expected, it will not come out of your pocket. This is a guarantee.

Do you offer editing for screenplays? 

Mitchell began his career writing screenplays, and he has many regular clients that utilize his services exclusively for them. When it comes to giving price or time estimates, screenplays are a little more complicated. Some require extreme editing due to improper format or other non-industry-standard practices, while others only require work in the areas of plot, description or dialogue. Estimates vary greatly from project to project.

How involved will I be in the process?

What truly makes this service unique is how customizable your editing experience will be. If you prefer minimal communication, the manuscript can be edited as a whole, and you will only be contacted upon project completion. If, on the other hand, you prefer a deeper relationship with your editor, Mitchell can send the chapters back as he completes them. This allows you to respond and discuss changes in-between sections. His level of communication is almost unheard of in editing. What's more, this is all done via direct email communication with your editor, and not through a separate chat system - which means you can send your questions or comments at all hours, day or night. 


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